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I’m Vicky Poutas,  freelance writer and blogger, and I’m here to make your life seem easier and lots more interesting.

Take a load off. I’ll fill my blog with the sparkling entertainment of the life of a post-menopausal woman with a dog, a husband who is always working and leaving me home alone most of the time, and my struggle with mental illness and how to beat it to death with humor.

Vicky Poutas - Freelance Writer

Let’s talk. I’d love to hear from you in the comments. Even if you just need to vent or talk to someone who hears you and gets it.

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I’ve been writing a long time and I’ve written and write about a lot of different stuff, but my blog is where I let myself be me. I rip the “Nancy Normal” mask off, and then I make just as much fun as I can of my assortment of fruit flavored mental illnesses.

I’ve been diagnosed with depression, anxiety, and Bi-Polar Two. At one point in my life, I was even given the mantle of Schizo-non affective and a personality mood disorder I’ve forgotten the name of, since I didn’t agree with it.

It starts with a B…no, not bitch, although I have heard that’s what type of person has it…oh – Borderline Personality disorder. Apparently, someone thought I was walking a thin line. Who knows? I take so much medication that I should just be diagnosed with numbness, since I feel numb now, and always. I do enjoy writing, though. Thus, the blog. I get to spill my guts on the page for fun and your entertainment.

I’m technologically impaired as well, so excuse the site for its many imperfections. I’m working on it, but right now it’s like we all are-perfectly imperfect.

This site is here solely for you to read and enjoy and to let you know somebody out there truly cares about you. I do. I care.

I’m also available for hire to do guest posting on the subject of your choosing. Hint: I know a lot about mental illness, and animals.

But, I can seriously write about anything from case studies to white papers, and I do some serious copywriting, too.


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