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Getting to Know Vicky Poutas

On January 27, 1962, three people, 2 women and a man, sat on pillows at a low table on a wooden floor eating something that looked like it had been pulled out of the front yard, green and slimy. One woman, the youngest, picked at her food lethargically. She kept glancing at the front door as if waiting for it to swing open.

“Hui Uk Batson, you eat your soup until it’s all gone.” The man said to the young woman in Korean. “It’s full of iron. You need iron to get your strength back.”

“Yes Dr. Li,” the young woman said, but she was still glancing at the door. The older woman, Dr. Li’s nurse, covered her mouth with her hand and tittered.

“He’s going to be in so much trouble when he gets home. Maybe Hui Uk will make him wear his soup,” she said. The Korean Doctor gave his nurse a warning look, and the older woman went back to slurping up her soup, still smiling.

Just then the door burst open, and a man wearing Army fatigues clomped into the house. As he bent down to take off his boots at the front door, he noticed the three people at the table eating seaweed soup, a traditional Korean dish given to a woman after she gives birth. Then he saw the tiny baby bundled up next to his wife. “Hey,” he said, “whose baby is that?”

Hui Uk yelled at her husband in broken English. “Thassa you daughter, and you go play card, come home late and aska who baby thissa is! You so late, you no even know she born” She screamed some Korean obscenities at him, hobbled to the front door and picked up his boots. She then promptly threw them out the front door into the street. “You go out with boot,” she said.

But by then Ken Batson had gently picked up the sweet smelling bundle and was quietly crooning to her. Hui Uk relented and came back to sit next to her husband, still grumbling a little. “Vicky,” Ken sang softly with a country twang, “you’re so beautiful. My wonderful Vicky Jo.”

And that was the first day of Vicky Poutas’ life.

For the next 17 years, Vicky lived the life of an “army brat,” never staying in one location very long. The constant moving from base to base gave Vicky the ability to relate to people very quickly, she became quite adept at reading people – knowing what made them tick. That, coupled with her empathic nature, gave her the ability to make friends easily.

When she was 14 and living in England, Vicky went to an American boarding school. “I loved it!” Vicky exclaims, “I learned to do things on my own, to be proactive because my parents weren’t there to tell me how to do everything.”

At the boarding school, Vicky was introduced to different types of people from many backgrounds. She grew to understand the personality types different from her own, and that understanding helped shape who she is today. She can understand almost anyone from almost any background.

Vicky currently works as a freelance blogger/writer. She can write just about anything you need in any genre, but her specialty lies in humorous mental health blog posts using her life and personal experiences with mental illness as a template. She’s slowly moving into the Personal Growth niche, writing more serious articles for personal growth especially as it pertains to the mental health sector. “I help people with negative mental health issues who want to move forward and make progress in their lives,” she says.

For more information, Vicky can be reached directly at (910) 381-8553 or vicky@vickypoutas.com, or simply fill out one of her Contact forms that can be reached via the top, front and center ever famous “menu” button, or try this link: https://vickypoutas.com/contact/

So ask yourself this: is your written material flat? Wilted? Does it slump in a gray pile in the corner, too weak to make a point?

Hire Vicky.

She writes engaging, compelling, and often funny, persuasive content.

Vicky has made a personal vow to do her part to increase the quality of written content wherever it resides, be it in material copy or on the web. Connect with Vicky now by clicking her contact form, calling(910)381-8553 or emailing vicky@vickypoutas.com