Bear with me as I build the site

Hi all,

As you can see, my portfolio and blog tabs both have the same things in them. I don’t know why this is. My portfolio should be under my portfolio heading, and the blog heading should have nothing under it as of yet, since I have not posted a blog post except this one.

The thing is, I don’t see eye to eye with technology sometimes, and this is my first WordPress site. Do I know what I’m doing wrong? No. Will I figure it out before the end of the week – bet on it.

Until then, please enjoy samples of my writing. I’ve posted them under the Portfolio heading, but all my Portfolio entries ended up under the Blog heading as well, even though this Blog post didn’t end up under the Portfolio heading. It makes my head hurt.

And remember, just because I’m having trouble building a website, that doesn’t mean that I can’t write. I can, and I will write the heck out of a freelance job. Just don’t judge me for my mechanical/technological weaknesses : ). Plus, I’ve been up all night. Literally.

For now, just have fun at my expense while a poke along at this site. I’ll keep you posted.


I am a freelance writer who makes words beautiful, exciting, persuasive, concise and alive, if a little loopy sometimes. I was born in S. Korea on an army base, and traveled the world from the age of 10 months into the present day, so I know a lot about many different topics. I've spent the last 22 years (and counting) raising three children into responsible young adults, and that is no mean feat. I've been writing for as long as I can remember: fiction, non-fiction, creative writing, poetry, creative non-fiction and all that falls in between. I'm a great researcher. I am also easy to work with. If you've got a topic that needs to be written about, I can write it. I've been married for 26 years to the same man, and that's a whole topic unto itself! If you need a freelance blogger or writer, hire me. I won't let you down. Contact:,, Instagram: @vickypoutas,, Facebook: