Goodbye, Tsuki I’ll Love You Forever

Those of you who follow Facebook will know that, Tsuki, my Great Pyrenees, my big, white, snuggly polar bear of a dog, has left this world for another, hopefully more peaceful, one. That’s her in the picture above. She’s sitting with our new puppy, Bodhi (pronounced BO-dee) who has since managed to destroy that stuffed […]

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How To Self-Isolate Without Self-Immolating

“Isolation is a self-defeating dream” Carlos Salinas de Gortari Yet here we be, Carlos my boy, living the dream. Covid-19 has brought us to our knees. True, some of those knees will be cushioned in the downy softness of reams of excess toilet paper – and why toilet paper, people??!- but only the lucky few […]

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Life, Death, And A Little Spring Cleaning

It’s My Birthday, ‘N I’ll Kvetch If I Want To First of all, I’ve been up all night again…pharmacy day was four days ago…and I wanted to finish my fourth published post for my blogging class. It’s called “Warning: Why Taking Typical Antidepressants Alone Won’t Fix The Type Of Depression You Have.” Go to, […]

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