A good day

What the…?

I tried to post a comment on Jenny Lawson’s blog,, she’s hysterical and I love her and you should totally read her. Any hoo, although I’ve posted comments before with links to my last blog post successfully, this time WordPress is telling me I don’t have a WordPress account. Apparently, I did something yesterday […]

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Too much information

Having too much information at my disposal, especially technical info is like putting a whole pack of dogs together. One lone dog is going to end up whimpering on the ground under a pile of slobbering dog drool.

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I just wanted to say a few words…

All I wanted to do was say “thanks,” to the few people who read my blog for the patience they’ve exhibited since my last blog post which was posted many moons ago. I have, and am, suffering a small nervous breakdown which has left me either cowering on my “bed” on my couch, or glued […]

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