How Did I End Up Here?

It starts innocently enough. I go to because I’m in the mood for some serious URL shortening and I want to set up a bitly account in order to do so. Then I get to the website to find that in some time period long, long ago, I had an account already set up. Now, the fun part. We’ll call this […]

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Thank You For Being A Friend

To say this has been a lesson in frustration would be putting it mildly. This is the fourth picture I’ve tried to put into the post correctly, and none of them have come out right. I was trying to test this study that says you’re most creative when you’re groggy, and since I’ve been up […]

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From Therapy Pets To Mood Music

Play it again, Sam They say that music soothes the savage beast, but did you know it helps smooth out the wrinkles of mental illness as well? I would be doing the mental health community a disservice if I didn’t talk about music and it’s positive effects on mood. In this blog we’ve talked about pet […]

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