This Is Your Brain On Drugs – Any Questions?

No we don’t have any questions! Our brains are all on drugs! Why am I yelling at you!? This is how my husband sends me texts! Everything has an exclamation point behind it! Gotta love him, though. He goes out and buys me my Ben and Jerry’s Pistachio Pistachio ice cream when I want, and/or […]

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The New Pet’s School Of Matchmaking

The Smooch Your Pooch School of Matchmaking Vicky Poutas | @vickypoutas You really want to adopt a dog. You don’t want to support the puppy mill industry, but you’re leery about going to a rescue because of what happened last week. Let’s just say you hated each other within two days. He was more than […]

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Pets Tagged “Safe” At Home

Tagged “Safe” At Home Vicky Poutas | @vickypoutas   Queen Of Hearts It’s a beautiful day at the dog park, and you’ve decided to play a game of “catch” with your 3-year-old Labrador, Flapjack. Truth be told, it was Flapjack’s idea. When you sat down to talk to the other pet parents, here came Flapjack, drool dripping […]

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