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How to Save Money at Christmas

    Ah, the sheer excess of the Christmas season. Carols fill the air. Parking lots overflow. Shoppers walk cheek to jowl in virtually every overly decorated store in their quest for that perfect gift. The one thing that isn’t filled to overflowing is your bank account. You could use some Christmas magic. Spinning straw […]

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Rabbit facts and common myths

There are so many things to learn about this wonderful creature, it’s impossible to go through every quirky fact, detail and myth. For instance, some rabbits don’t actually like carrots, and rabbits don’t “walk,” but move around on their tiptoes when they aren’t hopping; and it’s true that their teeth never stop growing. There’s a […]

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Before you get a rabbit as a pet

Owning a rabbit takes extra patience and care. Something as simple as holding her is a bit of an art form. If you have a very young child, that great gift idea involving a baby bunny may not be so great after all. This is a major disadvantage to the many parents who buy rabbits […]

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