Happy 5th of July!

I don’t know what a picture of Tsuki with a bird on her back has to do with anything, but I got it from the dog sitter today and thought it was funny, sooo… Of course, now Margie and her daughters, the dog sitters at My Other Mommy, Inc want a plug for their business since I […]

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Universal Studios – Day 4

Today we went to Universal Studios proper. I didn’t write anything yesterday, because: It was a “lay by the pool” day for me to try and get rid of my vampirishly white legs, so how boring is that? And: I was just too damned tired after two full nights spent obsessively writing in this blog […]

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Islands of Adventure -Day 2

Day two of our escape from reality, and we went to Islands of Adventure. As you know, John and I took a small vacation before we go to Black Mountain, NC to have our annual family reunion, which is gonna be all kinds of crazy. Today we were kids again. For those of you who […]

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