Universal Studios 1 and an homage to my dog

Yes, we’re on vacation again. Before I begin, let me just say that we don’t vacation constantly. Quite the opposite, I usually lead a very boring life, but John’s been working 80 hours a week for a long time, so now that the building is done (finally), we’ve taken time for ourselves. After this five-day […]

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Aww, It’s Over

I couldn’t find a picture of the Norwegian Getaway by itself, so I cheated and put in a picture of two cruise ships docked next to each other just to give you an idea of how huge these things are and give myself an excuse for not writing before now. I’ve been too tired. I’ve […]

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My brain hurts

John and I were in Harvest Caye, Belize today where, after walking the requisite mile from the ship to the island, we parasailed for an hour, which wasn’t scary at all despite the fact that my refusal to let go of the belts at first might have indicated otherwise to some, then we lay limply […]

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