Getting Older Is A Buzzkill

Hello Beautiful Strangers!

It’s been so long since I’ve written a blog post that I have literally forgotten how to format one. It took me no less than an hour to put in the title and the picture.

Even now, I don’t know how I got the picture to go in correctly. I’ll tell you, my mind isn’t what it used to be. Oh, still weird, to be sure. That’s a given. No, it’s my memory that is going to hell in a hand basket. I can’t even remember if the above picture is overlooking a city in Greece, or Italy and I was just there in September.

Cruise News

That’s right, John and I went on an 11 day cruise of a lifetime to see Croatia, Greece, and Italy from September 23-October 4.

Now normally, I take you guys with me on our vacations, but this time I didn’t have the energy to even write. I was still recovering from total hip replacement surgery which made one leg longer than the other, subsequently making me lopsided.


The doctor told me it was a complication that sometimes happens. Yeesh. I’d like to call it incompetence, but what do I know? I’m not an Orthopedic surgeon. I shoulda been warned though. This was the same guy who did my rotator cuff and bicep tendon repair last October, and I still have a little pain in my shoulder.

And yes, even though my surgery was on June 10th, I’m still in pain. What’s worse is that because my legs are no longer even, I have pain in both legs.

You know what he gave me to fix it? A heel insole to wear in the shoe of my shorter leg. It’s not even high enough, either. I’m going to have to get another prescription from him for a higher insole. We can only hope that it works to lessen the pain I feel when I stand up from a seated position, and when I’m just getting started walking. Once I warm up, it’s not too bad. I’m still popping two Tylenol every morning when I wake up, though.

I’m Falling Apart Here

And that’s why I say getting older is a buzzkill. Suddenly your body betrays you, and two major surgeries later, you find that you don’t heal as fast as you used to, your hair’s thinning rapidly, your weight has skyrocketed and learning new things isn’t as easy as it once was. Cherish your youthful bodies, my peeps. Cherish your nubile brains. Cherish your hair.

I’m Done Kvetching

The cruise was fantastic other than the fact that every shore excursion was a walking tour. Nighttime was hard for me cuz I was so stiff and sore from all the walking we did during the day.

But we saw some beautiful places, and we did a lot of relaxing on the ship.

People in Italy can’t drive, though. I thought South Florida was bad, but Italy takes the prize. Everything was so crowded. I’ve never seen so many people. There were streets you couldn’t drive down because of all the vendors and tourists lining the streets.

Greece was beautiful. We saw where they did the first Olympics, and we had two traditional Greek meals complete with dancing. Opa! Of course, John didn’t eat much. He’s so finicky.

In Croatia, we did a walking tour of the castle where many of the scenes from “Game of Thrones” were shot. I thought I was gonna die before we made it to the top of that castle, though. The steps kept getting steeper and more narrow the further we went up. Thank God the tour guide stopped on three different levels of the castle to point out where this or that was shot. I wouldn’t have made it if it had been a straight climb up that rock face. I’m talking sheer stone with steps chiseled in.

The most amazing thing about the places we visited was how old everything was. We got to see history.

Plus, I bought a red Italian leather backpack, and silly John let me go into a gold store alone. I came out wearing a lovely gold bracelet with a “V” medallion-also gold.

He didn’t stay mad long, although he told me sternly that “the corporation” had not approved my expenditures and therefore I was in the wrong.

The corporation also bought me a three diamond pendant necklace from the ship’s jewelry store. It was a gift for our 30th anniversary, an anniversary we missed at home because of all my surgery and recovery nonsense.

My husband. I think I’ll keep him.

Then Back To Real Life

When we got back, it was back to the old routine. Bodhi (our puppy who isn’t a puppy anymore) is very patient with me as I am not the picture of energy during the day when we’re alone together. I’ve developed a bad habit of watching bad comedy shows on Netflix-the stupider the better. Except at first when I was watching a few serious things.

The problem is I binge watch from episode to episode so nothing gets done.

At all.

I play with Bodhi for five minutes in the morning, then proceed to drink two cups of coffee and sit on the couch watching mindless t.v. until 5:30 when I drag myself away from the boob tube and take Bodhi to the dog park for an hour or so.

He does love the dog park. He loves to have somebody, anybody, throw a tennis ball or frisbee for him.

He does not like to give said toys up, however. Basically, he’s a ball hog. You have to have two balls with him. After he comes back with the first ball, you show him the second ball and he’ll then, and only then, drop the first ball so you can throw the second one, and then you pick up the one he dropped.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

Go Home, Eat, Then Resume

Back to Netflix. It was bad. Real bad.

First I watched “Better Call Saul,” then I tore my way through “Breaking Bad” plus all the extras in the collection. Then, “Schitt’s Creek” plus all the extras. Then, “The Good Place,” followed by “Jane The Virgin,”“The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,” “Happy Endings,” and “The Imposters.”

These were filled in and followed by at least a half dozen shows, like “Girlboss,” “Dead To Me” and others that I can’t even remember!

Step Away From The Remote

I wasn’t even doing my Amazon work.

At all.

So my suppliers were left hanging for a good month without knowing whether or not I’d actually be buying the goods I had been getting quotes for from them.

I finally talked to an Amazon coach (I can’t find a show I like right now) and he set up my shipping plan for me yesterday during our zoom meeting.

Did I learn much? No, he was talking way too fast and I am not an auditory learner.

But, the meeting was recorded so I can watch it as many times as I need to click all the right tabs and fill in pertinent information because I can see what he did with my mouse when he took control on the recording.

Bottom line, I had another all nighter last night/this morning and I actually put a down payment on an order.

I also bought Jenny Lawson’s (AKA the if you’ve never read her blog, go there. You’ll love her. She deals with mental health issues with humor, and she’s one of us-weird and wonderful) new book “Broken…” but I don’t count that as an all nighter overspend because it’s like therapy.

Hallelujah! I May Get My First Launch Done After All

I don’t know if I told you before I was studying to be an Amazon seller, but I’ve toyed with this, and put it off, and struggled with it for over a year now. It’s about time to jump in with both feet already. My products ship on November 24. Fingers crossed that they sell.

But damn it feels good to finally get some forward momentum!

Now all I have to do is get nine pictures taken of the product, and upload those onto my listing.

And if those products sell well, I simply have to reorder them while I’m looking for new stuff to sell.

I already have a few ideas, but after this first launch, things should click along pretty smoothly, and I’ll have my second and subsequent products listed in no time. Certainly not over a year.


Finish What You Started

I’ve always had a hard time finishing things I start. Mainly because I go wild and start two or three things at a time. Okay, up to six things at once sometimes

You know what they say “chase too many rabbits and you’ll end up with nothing.”

That’s the thing about depression, though. For a brief time you feel good and motivated and you want to try as many things as you can. Then depression strikes and your motivation to do anything takes a nosedive and all those projects you started wither away and die.

So stay focused on being well, and do one thing to completion if you can. If you can’t, then just be well. Find someone to talk to. Take care of you.

In an effort to better my health, I asked John if I could buy a juicer to try out some of the recipes in a book I bought that required juicing.

He said okay, but me being me on an all nighter, I tend to buy stuff. So he was a little peeved when the juicer/blender/air fryer/3-sieves/grater and smoothie straws came in.

I want to eat better, but I really didn’t have to buy them all at once. I chased too many rabbits again. I should have started slowly.

It’s been a week and I still haven’t opened the boxes. I’m going to do that one thing today.

Learn from my mistakes. Slow and steady wins the race.

You’re beautiful and strong. Believe in yourself.

I believe in you.



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