Help me stop being stupid!

It’s happenin’. Again. I only went to my WordPress site to complain about how hard it is to find a good, affordable, anniversary ring, and to tell you guys I’m at my sister’s house in Cornelius, NC cuz I told her I was depressed, and she said “come visit,” so I was here in two days.

I bought a one way ticket.

I’ll bet she never saw that one coming.

To her credit, she gave me a bed to sleep in, and listened when I cried.

So anyway, I’m here in NC and looking for a new ring. It was John and my 27th anniversary on July 27th, and he said “go ahead, buy a ring,” and gave me a budget.

And I discovered a few things about myself in the ring search process.

I was going to share these insights with you all.

So then I go to my WordPress site:

  • So then WordPress says Facebook will no longer publicize posts sent from my Jetpack “publicize” feature.
  • “And here’s what you do about it,” they proclaim.
  • So then I try to do it, and nothing they said was gonna be there was where it was supposed to be.
  • So then they helpfully suggest I download the WordPress app, which I do because I am nothing if not obedient.

Let me pause a moment while I laugh hysterically at that last line.

  • So then I have trouble logging in, but I finally do.

Don’t ask me how.

  • So then I get a message saying my site is not XML something-or-another compliant and I cannot, in fact, do all the things they suggested.
  • So then I think to myself “self, you have probably messed something up because of your complete technical ineptitude.”

This will come back later and bite me in the ass.

I can guarantee it.

  • So then I got nothing accomplished as far as “publicize” goes.
  • Because even now I’m writing in where the picture goes, and not where the text should be.

Somehow, the text straightened itself out as I was writing.

So maybe I’m not writing in the picture box?

Again. Don’t ask me how this happened. 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶Just roll with it, baby🎶 🎶🎶🎶🎶 as the song suggests.


  1. I am a complete snob when it comes to ring buying: it must be platinum and at least 1.75 carets in total diamond weight, or I don’t want to consider it.
  2. There are roughly two million rings on eBay, and I want to look at them all. It has to be 💯 percent perfect.
  3. Everything I want is beyond my budget (refer to insight #1 as to why this is so).
  4. I realize an anniversary ring that is large will probably look stupid with the wedding set I got not four months ago.
  5. I still want the bigger rings.

Somebody help me stop being stupid.

I can see the platinum, because that’s what my wedding set is made of.

But it really should be a thin band so as not to overwhelm the wedding and engagement rings.

I. Just. Can’t. Do. It.

Anyway, I’m with family for the time being.

Tsuki is at the dog sitter’s she loves it because they walk her every day, and she gets lots of attention from them. Plus, she has all the other dogs to play with.

She still looks for Blizzard, though.

I spent all night one night last week updating her Facebook page cuz I felt so sorry for her.

Who does that?

Anyway, it’s public. So go visit her page and friend her. It’s Tsuki Poutas. or something like that.

Google it.

That’s the advice I get from all three of my kids when I have a technical question.

Remember, depression lies, and this too shall pass.

I’ve been telling myself that a lot lately.

Take good care of yourself.

Don’t, for example, stay up all night looking obsessively for rings.

Do talk to someone when you get hit with the blues.

It helps. It really, really does.

And remember, I really do care about you.


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2 thoughts to “Help me stop being stupid!”

  1. Vicky,
    Happy Anniversary! Your struggles are real, Woman, and I understand about your tech woes. Personally, though, I like to refer to myself as tech-challenged. Don’t get me started! The good news is that you have loved ones to help you get through your jewelry crisis and perhaps other crises! Maybe? I don’t really know your family or you that well — or at all — so I may be making an ass out of myself by writing that. It was well-intentioned, though. Also, I’d be lost without my tech guy who does all of my WordPress stuff. I save up the money and see him when I have 15 to 20 things that need to be fixed on my WP site all at once! It’s like a once-a-year thing. I have my physical and so does my blogsite. Tech guy doesn’t cost quite as much as a platinum and diamond ring, but…
    So in summary, I can’t help you anymore than you can help me. Hopefully, though, we can both be amused as we struggle along in our existences, maybe? Good luck with everything! And again, Happy Anniversary!

    1. Lol, thanks for your support. I finally found a ring, but John had to up the budget, which he wasn’t happy about. The only problem is that it came with no paperwork other than the receipt. So I wrote the seller back and she/he says if I remind her/him on Friday, an appraisal will be sent to me. This will be most helpful because I’m planning to get my whole wedding set insured as soon as I get this appraisal. I’ve got the GIA certificate and appraisal on my wedding band and engagement ring already. Not sure why I have to wait until Friday (?), But as long as I get a real appraisal, all should be well. Fingers crossed that it’s a real appraisal!

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