I have to do this quickly

Cruises are supposed to be relaxing, but I’m on my first ever cruise, and I only have a limited number of internet minutes purchased, and I type at the speed of dark, so this picture is what my brain looks like now. Who am I kidding, this is what my brain looks like all the time. And I’ve forgotten how to wrap text around media, so you’ll probably see the picture of my brain in all its chaotic glory at the bottom of this page.


This is my brain on a cruise (ps: I cheated and inserted the picture here. I still don’t know how to wrap text)

We’re on The Norwegian Getaway bound for a seven day Western Caribbean cruise. Today was the first day and I’ve learned a few pearls of wisdom. First off, it takes a long time to get internet service. I was jumping through hoops all day just to get logged in for my measly 250 minute package. I’ve already used about 50 of ‘em just to answer my Mother’s Day wishes, which were backlogged because I couldn’t get on the internet. By the way, happy mother’s day to all the moms out there.

Second, you spend an awful lot of time standing in line asking dumb questions to which you may or may not get a coherent answer to. But they’ll do it politely-give you the nonsensical answer I mean.

Third, you have to make reservations for everything. More standing in line. And believe me when I say I booked this cruise through a travel agent and made many reservations beforehand online…so many shore excursions, in fact, that I’m exhausted just thinking about them. I truly don’t know if I’ll make it through the week, but I did them all for John, who is very active – except for right now. He’s snoring in bed next to me like an old man right now.

Fourth, there’s an up charge on everything.

On a completely different note, can somebody out there tell me how to wrap text around a picture? This is really bugging me.

I’ll try to keep you updated as the cruise progresses. Like whether or not parasailing and zip lining are as scary as they seem to me, and how many times I upended the kayak I was in and almost drowned, because I know that’s bound to happen.

Hey, and I almost forgot to tell you, turns out I only have one WordPress account. I just forgot the password or put in the wrong username or something equally as dumb as that.

See, this is why I can’t remember how to wrap text around a picture, and why I need you guys so much.

Somebody’s gotta keep me straight.

Chaotically yours now and forever. Keep fighting the good fight against mental illness. And whatever you do, don’t ever give up.

You are worth it.

Chaos is my life


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