My brain hurts

John and I were in Harvest Caye, Belize today where, after walking the requisite mile from the ship to the island, we parasailed for an hour, which wasn’t scary at all despite the fact that my refusal to let go of the belts at first might have indicated otherwise to some, then we lay limply for another couple of hours in the stifling heat of yet another day in paradise by the pool (and for a few minutes in the pool) while we waited for our turn to kayak around the lagoon for yet one more heat-filled hour.

We then limped (well, I limped, John was fine because he didn’t have a vicious insect bite him on the toe the day before as he was putting on his swim fins-remember that? He also didn’t have that one single grain of sand on said toe that wouldn’t come out of the hurty area but instead rubbed it rawer with each painful step). At any rate, it was a long, long, limpy trek back to the ship. That's a long-ass walk for somebody with a hurty toe. Click To Tweet

We needed to get showered and fed, not necessarily in that order, so that we could get prettied up to be fed once again in a nicer restaurant later in the evening.

Then John went to bed, while I, true to my self destructive nature am blogging when I should be sleeping in preparation for tomorrow’s battle with the climbing of the zipline platforms.

Now we’re in the process of cruising to Roatan, Honduras, which we should reach in time to climb those oh-so-high platforms with what I know will be at least a hundred stairs total at least, and zipline the morning away.

Then we’ll return to take the I-know-will-be-at-least-a-mile hike back to the ship in order to shower some more, only slower this time (at least for me) then, nicely washed, go and watch a Comedy Headliners show, followed by a fine Italian dinner at one of the ship’s specialty restaurants, after which John and I shall struggle to make it to our room and fall into bed before passing out and falling deeply into a stuperous sleep so we can be ready to take on the next day’s activities.

And yes I have them already booked.

I worried about being seasick at the start of this cruise. Now I know that that’s not gonna happen. The ship is steady and smooth.

No. I’m much more likely to fall over from pure, unadulterated exhaustion and end up in a Mexican emergency room with an I.V. bag of only God knows what fluids dripping into my overworked, underexercised, and overweight body.

But then, barring an emergency room stay, it’s onward and upward we go as we sail to beautiful Cozumel, Mexico.

We should arrive the next day where I have planned a 45 minute horseback riding trip through the jungle with a beach break at the end as well as some onboard activities back on the ship for later that evening. I’ll tell you all about that tomorrow night.

I’m going to need a vacation after this vacation.

All I can say is I see a lot of sleep in my future.

I don’t even care if the dogs get miffed. They’ll get over it. Especially if I bring snacks.

Remember, stay strong. You are important, and more than worthy. I believe in you. You believe in you, too.



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  1. I am so pleased that you are doing so many new, physical activities and seem to enjoy them. It is an encouragement to me, too. However, I think I would like a power chair to travel with me. LOL.

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