Oh, it’s on!

And the WordPress fight continues…

(And down goes Frasier!)

Remember last week (or was it two weeks ago?) when I was steadily ruining my web site because I was too busy arbitrarily pushing buttons to understand why I was pushing those buttons?

Well, it’s happening again.

This time, I was simply trying to comment on Jenny Lawson’s blog, which gives you a spot where you can post a link back to your own website by checking a box at the bottom which pulls up the last blog post you created, and then posts that link at the bottom of your comment.

I know, blatant self advertising, but Jenny’s blog is the only one I read with any regularity, so there’s my excuse. Here’s a plug for her: www.thebloggess.com.

Shave Your Head and Grab a Tambourine

You’ll love her. She has mental illnesses for her mental illnesses, but she’s a fighter, and she’s as funny as hell. She has three New York Times best sellers, and a huge following of fresh from the looney bin worshippers.

I should write a book…

It would be filled with blank pages for those days I’ve decided I can’t handle my life, and I’m laying on my “couch bed” under my electric blanket with my eyes closed.

To my credit, I’m not sleeping. Just laying there.

Bear in mind that I have an almost stress free life. That’s often what makes it so stressful – the pure unadulterated, white bread boringness of it all.

Follow me Down the Yellow Brick Road

Believe me when I say I’m not housewife material. I don’t do cooking, I clean when I absolutely have to, and I’m too short for my washing machine.

It’s true.

I have to stand on a stool, and lean over the edge of the washer until I’m almost in the washer to get to the clothes at the bottom. And I’m the one who picked out the washer/dryer set to begin with.

The salesman really wasn’t kidding when he warned me it was deep. But no, I had to have a BIG washer for all the clothes we don’t have to do now that the kids are gone.

Toto, You’re so Big…And White…Tsuki, is That you?

I DO take care of Tsuki, though. She thought she had it made when I decided to start “training” for our upcoming cruise to Alaska, and I walked her a couple times.

But after four walks, I’ve just had one excuse after another as to why we can’t go out. Like for instance-I’ve been up all night organizing the cruise, fighting WordPress and writing to you guys, so I’ll be sleeping all day.

So, no walk today either.

Tsuki is incredibly patient, though. She’ll stay down here with me all night in the brightly lit living room, rather than go upstairs and sleep in the cool, dark, quiet where John is.

Although she does rather enjoy tearing around the back yard at three in the morning, barking, with me standing at the door shushing her.

I’m sure my neighbors enjoy it, too.

But I seriously digress.

This was about how WordPress wouldn’t let me post a simple link at the bottom of my comment.

Two hours and three password changes later, I still couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong.

I sit before you now, a beaten woman. It took me the better part of an hour to log out of the mobile app because I couldn’t remember how.

And as sure as the sun rises in the East and sets in the West (right?), I’ll forget my new password.

Lather, Rinse, Repeat, Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

From a technical standpoint, I  spend oodles of time simply repeating what I’ve already done.

If you knew how many tries I tried to try, to try and put in a simple link you’d either be quite impressed with my perseverance, or laughing your butt off at my utter technological stupidity.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

So, am I certifiable?

Most definitely, in some instances.

But when it comes to something technological, a strange phenomena occurs.

It just might work on the 9th or 10th try.

Speaking of Working on The 9th or 10th try,(but not After 3:00 p.m. M-F, and on Weekends or Holidays)

John and I went down to the Miami passport office last Thursday to see if I could get a corrected passport before the cruise on May 11.

We learned pretty quickly that you had to tell them it was a document correction, or you weren’t going to get in unless you had an appointment and needed the passport two weeks or less before you left the good ole U. S of A.

Line E was for corrections. We were E3 and still waited two hours.

But I’m happy to report that my new passport just came in the other day, and I am no longer Vicky P-a-u-t-a-s, but again Vicky Poutas.

Now John can  stop shouting “free at last, free at last, thank God Almighty I’m free at last!”

He did this every day I was Mrs. P-a-u-t-a-s and not Mrs. Poutas.

It was sweet of John, though, to rearrange his whole work schedule to drive me to Miami where a good majority of the really bad FL drivers circumnavigate the highways leaving crushed metal and the smell of burning rubber in their wakes.

I hyperventilate traveling the eight minutes it takes me to get to my hairdresser’s shop.

And I have absolutely no sense of direction. I couldn’t even find the truck in the parking garage when we were done.

John has magnetic North in his brain.

It’s amazing to watch him find the correct way, without fail, even if we got turned around.

He took care of me and my high-stress, anxiety-ridden “I can’t possibly drive in Miami traffic” self.

Open all Night

I may suck at driving, but so far I’ve organized this Alaskan cruise from top to bottom.

John doesn’t have the patience to sift through hundreds of possible shore excursions, pick out options we might like, and make sure the timing is right on all of them.

The ship will leave without you.

I was up half the night putting this puzzle together, plus arranging dining and entertainment, and making little love notes to our concierge to please try to get us into X at Y because they were no longer pre-booking said shows or dining options online.

Then I had to organize it on paper so I could see it all together in one place and fill in any gaps with or without our concierge.

I ain’t trying to be bored on this cruise.

I realize we still have three weeks to go, but I’ve already booked and cancelled at least three shore excursions, and re-booked one.

That said, I’m off to print out our last trip voucher. I saw the message come over while I was writing this.


Remember, depression lies.

You are good, you are able to drive eight minutes at a time, you can plan a once in a lifetime Alaskan cruise (or any other trip) without screwing it up.

Take a chance and see how truly awesome you are.

You are not alone. Go talk to someone. Leave a comment in the comments section and I’ll answer.

I care about you and what happens to you.

Keep fighting the good fight, my friend.

Until next time- Peace.



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