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Vicky’s a really good writer. I’d hire her.

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Cannabis and Animals

Pet Therapy: Magic

Three examples that prove your dog is more than just a pet

The New Pet’s School Of Matchmaking

Pets tagged “safe” at home

How Did I End Up Here?

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Please let me write for you…

Buy, buy, buy

My logical brain is missing

Home again, Home again

Purina® Beneful Healthy Smile Dental Dog Snacks

You love your dog.

But let’s be real, when he comes at you,

Panting in your face – frantic for a kiss,

Do you sometimes recoil in horror?

Does he have breath that can make paint blister?

Purina® Beneful Healthy Smile Dental Dog Snacks

Are the yummy, real meat in the middle answer.

With parsley accents to help freshen breath,

The chewy goodness of Healthy Smile Dental Dog Snacks

Will brush away yuck from your dog’s teeth as he chomps.

He won’t know he’s reducing the plaque and tarter buildup that cause

Paint blistering bad breath – plus –

Adding calcium to support teeth and strong bones.

But you will.

A treat that’s not only delicious, but wholesome?

How can you NOT give him Beneful Healthy Smile dental dog snacks?

Beneful Healthy Smile dental dog snacks.

Go smooch your pooch.



Wild Bites Blue Wilderness Trail Treats

The next time you treat your dog,

Really treat him.

Give him Wild Bites Blue Wilderness Trail Treats.

Toss him some Wolf-Style Salmon Bites.

He’ll be gnawing on hunks of salmon and whole ground potatoes,

The first two ingredients you’ll find on the package,

Then he’ll lick his chops, and howl for more,

Because they’re soulfully satisfying.

Grain? Chicken and poultry by-product meals?

Artificial preservatives? Artificial colors? Artificial flavors?

Uh, uh. Not my dog.

He gets Wild Bites Blue Wilderness Trail Treats.

They’re all natural, packed with protein,

And an excellent treat for grain free or raw diet diners

Wild Bites Blue Wilderness Trail Treats,

For the carnivore in your life.

Release his inner wolf.


Above are a few of my animal articles and blog posts with clickable links.

As for the advertisements, I was not hired by The Blue Buffalo Co. or Purina® to write these, but they illustrate the excellent results I can deliver for you.

The samples below indicate my flexibility in writing, tone and voice.


Julia Doyne changes Miami women’s history


Boca Raton Hospital Opens Breast Milk Depot

Publix now using “Shipt”

UM Student’s Powdered Sugar Prank Has Gone Horribly Wrong

Group fights to end the cycle of domestic violence


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