This will be quick. John and I are into the third day of our cruise, and today was reef snorkling day. I had a little trepidation about the whole covering of the nose and the mouth thing and suffered brief panicky moments thinking about being covered in a plastic death mask, slowly being starved of oxygen until I passed out and sank slowly to the bottom of a sandy gully in the middle of the ocean floor where my body would be covered with sea grass and nobody would notice I was gone until it was too late and I had disappeared. Forever carpeted with the foliage of the sea-my flesh and bones eventually being eaten away by various crabs, and the occasional shark or two. But that didn’t happen, I’m joyously glad to say.

 What I should have been worried about was the what must have been a ten mile walk to simply leave the ship, get into town and then find a taxi to take us to our destination. I was exhausted by the time we arrived at the dive shop. And my sunscreen? All in my eyes from the moment of application in my stateroom until I inevitably arrived, eyes red, stinging and overflowing with tears only to be told, ironically enough when we got there, that I had to wash my face because sunscreen + snorkling mask combined together to equal NO WAY, UH, UH, NOT GONNA HAPPEN HERE TODAY. Don’t ask me why. I just chalked it up to being one of those things that happen to always happen to me, like we talked about yesterday. I looked like an escapee from a really jammin’ Bob Marley concert-my eyes were so red.

Other than that, being stung on the toe by some unknown and apparently violent species of insect when I put my fins on, swallowing about a grosse ton of salty sea water, being repeatedly fin-kicked in the head by another member of our snorkling group while we were swimming, and getting water in my mask at one point along with that tiny moment of the welling up of the tide of ensuing panic of imminent death by drowning that goes along with your mask filling up with salt water and cutting off your oxygen supply that well and certainly should accompany such a happenstance, the excursion went pretty well I think.

And then I accidentally dropped my bra in the toilet, and my shirt in the garbage can when I went to the bathroom to change into dry clothes.

But that’s just who I am. Those pesky things that seem to happen to happen to me are so much a part of my personality that my John swam behind me the entire excursion just to make sure that I wouldn’t get hurt or die horribly by my own hand. Accidentally, of course.

Isn’t that sweet?

Tomorrow is parasailing and kayaking day.

Oh goody.

Be nice to yourselves, you deserve it.

And while you’re at it, remember to hold on tight to all that’s good in you and don’t let go. Giving up isn’t an option for people like us.

We’re survivors. Don’t ever forget that.


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  1. Overcoming fear is such a good trait to have. Did anyone talk about what to do if you should see a shark? Just thinking about the possibility of them and me being in the same place makes me cringe.

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