thank-you-227344_1280What Others Say About Vicky Poutas

“Vicky is creative with an intelligent, sensitive sense of humor. Very easy to work with.”

Nada Rousso


A great memory for detail and an inquisitive nature that keeps her digging down deeper than the average copywriter for that ‘right thing’ that makes a project more profitable.”

Ryan Masters


“Because she’s such a good writer, I feel safe. She always seems to know the perfect thing to say.”

Alexandra Greyson


“Vicky’s outlook is so positive, you can’t help but share in the feeling. She has a way of giving a project that “wow” factor. It makes people feel comfortable in her work.”

Emily Ellis


“Vicky has a unique strength in paying attention to detail and making sure everything is correct and accurate.”

Anna Maria Cancelli


“Insightful and perceptive with a wonderful grasp on the English language and a very creative side – she’s also very loyal to her clients and gives them her all.”

Darlene Wood


“Persistent, consistent and unique.”

Ed Taylor


“Socially adept, highly intelligent with super attention to detail, Vicky puts in the hard work required to make a project the best it can possibly be.”

Matthew Manning