The New Pet’s School Of Matchmaking

The Smooch Your Pooch School of Matchmaking

Vicky Poutas | @vickypoutas

You really want to adopt a dog. You don’t want to support the puppy mill industry, but you’re leery about going to a rescue because of what happened last week. Let’s just say you hated each other within two days.

He was more than happy to bite the hand that fed him, and he marked his territory. A lot. You ended up having to return him to the rescue.

As you did the walk of shame back to your car, you wished there was a better way to predict companionship issues, maybe even a search engine for finding the best pet/pet-parent match.

Wish no more. It’s PawsLikeMe to the rescue(s). Literally.

According to Market Wired, PawsLikeMe’s got a new algorithm for canine/pet-parent matchmaking that stops most mismatches from happening.

The free online platform launched nationwide Friday, Oct. 2, 2015, and promises an accuracy rate of over 90% for human to canine compatibility. In an industry that has a 70% re-homing rate (where dogs are brought back to the rescue,) this is big news.

Elizabeth Holmes, CEO and co-founder of PawsLikeMe hopes to cut the re-homing rates by finding pups the right home the first time. Holmes’ co-founders are a veterinary animal behaviorist and a social worker specializing in psychology. The women worked together, and a proprietary personality assessment was born.

The assessment is based on four core personality traits that affect the bond between humans and dogs:

  • Energy – physical/mental
  • Focus – concentration
  • Confidence – security level
  • Independence – affection level

It’s simple.

  1. Fill out a three-minute personality quiz and your zip code. The dogs don’t fill out the personality quiz, lacking opposable thumbs for writing. The dog’s personalities are eyeballed, though.
  2. Next, personality profiles are compared, hominid to canine.
  3. Now, dogs in your area available for adoption factor in, and voila! A match made in algorithm heaven.

Then cupid’s helpers consider personality, lifestyle, and home environment. Although the initial list results are about compatibility only, you eventually have a say.

What are your desires? What do you want in size? Age? Breed? This winnowing process increases the chances of a love match that will last.

Fast facts:

  • Listed pets must be spayed/neutered before adoption.
  • Adopters are given the names of designated low-cost clinics, and vouchers toward lowering altering costs.
  • New “parents” are given an “adoption package” including 30 days of pet insurance, over $100 in discounts, coupons, and a help/tips guide.
  • The PawsLikeMe platform features integrated social media tools and online advice to ensure a happy and healthy home transition for everyone.
  • They give shelters, government agencies, and rescues a place to refer families who can’t keep their pets.
  • People looking to safely re-home their pet get a choice, another possibility.
  • They donate 50% of any adoption fee originating from a shelter or rescue group referral to animal welfare.

To learn more about this extraordinary endeavor, visit PawsLikeMe.

They’re just a click away.



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