This is kinda painful

I'm so confused...(I put this image in just recently after finally learning how to insert images)
I’m so confused…(I put this image in just recently after finally learning how to insert images)

The only good I can see out of struggling along to build this website, is that you, the reader, can be right there next to me either laughing at my total ineptitude, or commiserating with me as I go along. I’m hoping that my struggles and total kindergarten level of knowledge about building this “simple” WordPress site will make other newbies feel a little less alone in the world. It’s a cold, cold place out there.

I do have a contact form now with an actual email address it goes to, so you could write to me if you wanted to. Oh sure, I don’t know how to use it yet (the new email account), but how hard can it be? Arthur, who is helping me build this site, has told me how to get to it and retrieve the emails, so it should be just that easy. Emphasis on “should.” I’ll try it out tomorrow because I have once again managed to stay up all night, and my butt hurts from sitting in this chair for so long. I need to go to bed. And yet, here I am. It’s 5:45 a.m.

Ultimately, I’m thinking of using this blog for delving into mental health issues – giving away all my family secrets – giving good advice, keeping you informed of new research and treatments, and most importantly, posting some creative writing, and letting some of you post some of your creative endeavors on the blog, too, as an outlet and a way to share. If you want to post something creative on my blog, it will just have to come through that nifty email account that goes through my contact form, first. In other words, I get to monitor the input.

My husband always tells me that there’s a fine line between insanity and creative genius, and I truly believe that. Poetry and creative writing are always what’s good for what ails us, and what’s a mental health blog without a place for some creativity to soothe the soul and let some of the pain out? Perhaps something that is written in this blog will help someone feel less alone. That’s my ultimate goal for this blog – taking the stigma away from mental health issues in some small way. Remember, you are not alone although it may feel that way sometimes. I understand your pain. I can’t feel it in the same way you do, of course, but I do understand.

Until next time, watch me struggle with technology, and get some joy out of that. Now go work on that poem so we can get something started here, assuming of course that I’ll know a little tiny bit more about putting together this site the next time we meet. Whatever the result, we’ll be doing it together.(By the way, why do my blog posts roll??? Aren’t they supposed to come on one at a time?)


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