Universal Studios 1 and an homage to my dog

Blizzard, you were a good and faithful friend. I will miss you terribly Click To TweetYes, we’re on vacation again. Before I begin, let me just say that we don’t vacation constantly. Quite the opposite, I usually lead a very boring life, but John’s been working 80 hours a week for a long time, so now that the building is done (finally), we’ve taken time for ourselves.

After this five-day jaunt to Universal Studios where we’re staying at La Portofino, we’re driving to NC for nine days for our annual family reunion at a cabin in Black Mountain. Nine days, 14 people, one cabin. Should be crazy.

We just got here, so there’s nothing to tell yet except that John is glued to the world cup on the television in the room. We’re going exploring as soon as I finish this.

This is an homage to Blizzard, my old, faithful friend. He’s the dog wearing the Patriots Jersey in the picture.

Blizzard was 20 years old. Sadly, he got really sick two days ago and was suffering badly.

I made the decision I’ve been putting off forever, and he was euthanized on Thursday, the 28th of June.

It was done with great compassion. I cried. The vet cried. Then the vet said a prayer for Blizzard’s soul, which I greatly appreciated.

I keep expecting him to be there every time I go to the bathroom because he used to follow me there every time I went. In fact, he followed me everywhere.

I have a Blizzard sized hole in my heart, and Tsuki does too.

Go gently into that good night, old friend. You are missed.

You were a good dog and I’ll never forget you.


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