A good day

What the…?

Making peace out of chaos.

I tried to post a comment on Jenny Lawson’s blog, www.thebloggess.com, she’s hysterical and I love her and you should totally read her. Any hoo, although I’ve posted comments before with links to my last blog post successfully, this time WordPress is telling me I don’t have a WordPress account.

Apparently, I did something yesterday that has caused this little snafu. I don’t know what I did, and I don’t know how to fix it. I was clicking stuff, and filling out forms like a fiend yesterday in an attempt  to get out a blog post in a timely manner, meaning ever, and I must have done something that gummed up the works.

Since we all know how technologically advanced I am, it’s entirely possible that I created two WordPress accounts without even knowing it. The editor I’m typing in right now, for example, is totally not the editor I usually use. I’m doing this as an experiment.

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That should totally be my tag line, if I knew how to put in a tag line, that is.

Somebody help me.



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